The Fish and Vicki Series

Of Cops & Robbers

Dawn light on the mountains, a two metre swell coming off False Bay. PI Fish Pescado - lithe, blond-haired, six-pack - is surfing. To Fish this is paradise. Except, he has no work, and a diminishing bank balance. Until a young surfer paddles up: 'Hey, Fish, there's a pretty chick looking for you.' The pretty chick is Vicki Kahn, poker addict by night, lawyer by day. She's bright, sharp, lovely. The best. And she's got a job for him: find the murderous bastard who wiped out a bystander at an illegal drag race. If only it were that easy. Thing is that the drag racer has connections high up. Really high up, right to the police commissioner. Thing is the police commissioner has his eye on Vicki Kahn. Thing is the police commissioner has a pasty, a nasty past. A past that has something to do with hit squads, assassinations, rhino horns and the kind of information that no one wants uncovered. The kind of information that involves lots of money, gold bullion in fact. The commissioner's also got a taste for the lush life. A taste that is ruthless, savage. Before long, Fish and Vicki can't tell who's a cop and who's a robber. Or who's gunning for them.

Also available in English from Old Street Publishing in the UK, in Afrikaans from Umuzi as Dieners en Donners; in German from btb Verlag, in French from Editions du Seuil and Dutch from De Geus

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Agents of the State

Bring in the child trafficker. That's Agent Vicki Kahn's assignment, her first foreign mission for the State Security Agency. That the child trafficker is a top fashion model with connections to the president's son is an added complication. Especially when Vicki watches as the model's limp body is wheeled away at Schiphol airport. Then, in Berlin, she finds her contact dead on the kitchen floor, shot in the head. Get out, Vicki's instincts tell her. Get out now. Vicki's lover, PI Fish Pescado, is working another case. Find out who shot my husband, is his brief. The husband: a rebel colonel from the Central African Republic taken down in a spray of bullets on the steps of St George's Cathedral. As Fish digs he comes up against a local connection: none other than the South African president. Drop the case, he's warned. Go surfing. And take your girlfriend Vicki Kahn with you before it's too late. Secrets, conspiracies, vested interests, commie plots. Vicki and Fish are caught int he mix, with only one way out.

Also available from in the UK from Old Street Publishing, from Umuzi in Afrikaans as Staatsrotte; in German from btb Verlag and French from Gallimard

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First there is the killing of the minister of energy. Then the cop investigating the murder commits suicide. Fearing a conspiracy, the minister's lover hires PI Fish Pescado to find the killer. Then she goes missing. And Fish is being stonewalled by the cops because ... in the dark shadows of Cape Town there's another game being played out. A complex one involving Iranian agents, the theft of highly enriched uranium, and the kidnapping of a top scientist. Ex-spy Vicki Kahn is bribed by her former handler to track the terrorists. The hunt is deadly and nothing is what it seems. A sleeper has been awoken. ISIS is involved. So is the CIA. There is chatter of a dirty bomb headed for Europe. And Vicki is so lost in those constantly changing shadows that even her surfer-boy Fish can't find her.

Also available in German from btb Verlag and coming next year in French from Gallimard.

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The Rabbit Hole

Published in South Africa by Umuzi in February 2021, and then later in the year by btb Verlag in Germany, and in 2022 by Gallimard in France

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Hammerman – A Walking Shadow

Children find a body in the Strandfontein sand dunes. A populist politician is gunned down outside parliament. His number two executed in bed with a high-class escort. A cabinet minister shot leaving a security estate. A cop assassinated in his car. Another in his beach house. And it all ties back to the murder of Swedish prime minister Olof Palme in 1986 - as private investigator Fish Pescado is about to discover. He's on the case, hunting a rogue agent through industrial estates, retirement homes, a farm in the Moordenaars Karoo. He's also convinced someone's out to kill his lover Vicki Kahn, lying in a coma in a hospital. But he can't watch over her all the time. Fish and Vicki are about to get hit by history. And history can be brutal, bloody and deadly.


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