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Food for thought: It struck me recently while going through proofs of my next novel – The Rabbit Hole – that there was a lot of food and drink in the story. Not only pizzas, pasta, sushi, fish ‘n chips, delicious takeouts from such places as Giovanni’s Deli in Green Point, but meals consumed in…

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Score a publishing deal
One of the great spin-offs of the Writers’ Masterclass is when a writer gets to score a publishing deal. There have been a host of…
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Writing the last line
It’s always a bit scary getting to the end of your first draft and writing the last line. I was there again the other day…
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Writing as therapy
All my life I have never thought of writing as therapy. I’ve always thought of writing as a job. Something you sat down to during…
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Best practice writing tips 4
These best practice writing tips are from John le Carré. Well, not exactly from the horse’s mouth but from a massive biography by Adam Sisman…
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Letting go
Last week I wrote about ‘completion fear’ and was then asked if I’d ever thought it worthwhile letting go of a manuscript. The person asking…
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Fear of finishing
Have you ever worried about finishing your manuscript? a student asked me recently. He should have completed his reworking of a first draft in March…
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Writing a memoir
Writing a memoir, especially when it involves the famous, friends, family or foes, can be tricky. Do you get legal advice before you start? Do…
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Best practice writing tips 3
While reading Len Deighton’s Spy Sinker this week I came across a passage which well illustrates what not to do when writing dialogue. And because…
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