The Powers That Be

The Powers That Be
Genre: Literary Fiction
Tags: English, Fiction, French, Literary Fiction
Publisher: Atlantic Monthly Press
Publication Year: 1989
ASIN: 0747503249
ISBN: 9780871132918

Local folklore had it that only people with troubled pasts ended up in his forlorn harbour but Captain Sylvester Nunes also brought a terrible future. Arriving at an unnamed South African port, Nunes, a customs official, is determined to uncover the dark, criminal secret he is certain lies at its heart. This consuming obsession drives him to enforce a repressive regime - and his untiring interrogations uncover a miscellany of bizarre and bewildering stories.

Also available in French from Editions du Seuil

About the Book

‘The Powers That Be comes as a considerable and enjoyable shock… The authorial voice is powerful and original. The world of the village, with its claustrophobia and flashes of magical revelation, is realised with impressive intensity. Magical realism has come to South Africa’ – Bryan Appleyard, The Times

‘Mr Nicol spins a parable about the perils of commodity fetishism that is at least as compelling as the more pointed allegory about the apartheid state… A fiercely lyrical first novel… with a sure moral centre’ William Finnegan, The New York Times Book Review

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