Monkey Business

Monkey Business
Genre: Non Fiction
Tags: English, Non Fiction
Publisher: Umuzi
Publication Year: 2011
ISBN: 9781415201145

The murder of Anni Dewani: the facts, the fiction, the spin. She was a bride for just twelve days. She was 28 years old. On a honeymoon to Cape Town she was murdered in a township hijacking. But was it a hijacking? Or was it a hit? Soon her husband was in the frame with two gunmen and the fixer. Monkey Business records the murder of Anni Dewani and the incredible aftermath as told by a chorus of family, friends, lawyers, spin doctors, reporters, bloggers, politicians, cops, psychologists, even a kinky sex worker, a story that played out in the international media and on social network sites. Seldom does a murder crack open such a devious world.

About the Book
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