Killer Country

Killer Country
Series: The Bishop Series, Book 2
Genre: Crime Novels
Tags: Crime, Dutch, English, Fiction, French, German
Publisher: Umuzi
Publication Year: 2010
ISBN: 9781415201169

It's the end of a toxic summer in Cape Town. Obed Chocho, businessman, property developer, arrivista, is about to get out of prison on parole. The man who put him away is Judge Telman Visser. The judge thinks he needs the security services of Mace Bishop and Pylon Buso but he's playing a dangerous double bluff and they're his marks. Enter Sheemina February with an agenda all her own. Top of her tick-list is Mace Bishop. The second part of the Revenge Trilogy cracks open a world of conspiracies and paranoia, corruption and greed as the new elites get their hands on the spoils.

Available in the UK from Old Street Publishing, in German from btb Verlag, in French from J'aiLu and Dutch from De Geus


About the Book

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“Will grip you by some painful part of your anatomy and not let go until you’ve got to the end” – Witness

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