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Creating new worlds

Creating new worlds 3

A few weeks ago I had a chat with Jenny Crwys-Williams on KayaFM about my creative writing courses. She ran a competition during her programme and it was won by Kwanele Kunene. Kwanele’s worked on two radio stations in Gauteng and has written a blog about art and a podcast dedicated to African creatives.

We had an exchange of emails and I asked her about her writing plans.

The focus of inspiration

“I’ve wanted to write well for a long time as I appreciate good story telling,” she responded.

“I feel like I am a teacher and entertainer (to an extent) and I would like to know how to better structure my thoughts so that my intentions are clearly and wonderfully received by an audience. Writers, like any other artist, have the ability to create new worlds, give clear sound to silenced or muffled voices and events, shine light on a variety of perspectives, and ultimately offer happiness through a kind of companionship that a reader may have felt did not exist.

“I love the idea of me sitting at a table accompanied by a calm silence and warmth (that’s maybe punctuated by birds chirping or jazz music), laptop in front of me, typing out something amazing with focused inspiration.”

Creative writing

Join Kwanele and others on my Writing Fiction course, starting Monday 21 September 2020.